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Natural Balance Skin Specialist Treatments

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At Natural Balance in Hinckley, Leicestershire we have a range of methods to treat your acne using natural methods

In combination with our COMCIT Crystal Clear Treatment and Skin Accumax natural supplements. A client can see a noticeable improvement in their skin over the course of their treatment. Please Contact the Salon to have a consultation with a Senior member of staff and a conversation to discuss. Case studies are available from people who have successfully improved their skin.

COMCIT Treatment Starts at £75 and is discounted for a course.

Skin Accumax Starter Pack is £69.95 for 3 months

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Milia’s are tiny little white spots you see on your skin, sometimes known as Milk Spots. In Adults they become permanent, and although have no known medical risk, some people like to have them removed. This is a very simple process that can be done in the salon skin clinic in Hinckley, Leicestershire.

£20.00 – 15 Minute Session

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Also known as Spider Veins are tiny red veins showing just below the skins surface. These can easily be treated using simple method in the Skin Clinic here in Leicestershire.

It should be noted treatment is not always permanent an the veins can come back.We can help you with your skin routine to help reduce the ageing effect.

£40.00 · 15 Minute Session

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Skin Tags are quite common in Adult life and can easily be removed in a painless method.

They vary in size and present no medical risk, however some clients feel self conscious or can get them caught on clothes, and typically appear on areas where skin rubs on itself.

Please contact the salon to discuss and book an appointment

£30.00 · 15 Minute Session

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